Barkley Intern Project

Presented to the DQ CMO and team

Role: Art Director, Packaging, Photography, Post-production


The Halfsies Blizzard Treat

Challenge: As fresh interns at Barkley, my team was given the challenge to create a new product innovation for Dairy Queen® that reaches an audience of our choice first, then all of pop culture second. 

Naturally, we chose the generation most addicted to social media and their phones: Gen-Z. We like to call them Identity Engineers. Our Identity Engineer is addicted to sharing- sharing her food, sharing her experiences and sharing what shes sharing on social media to develop her personal brand.

My team found that Gen-Zs average group size is 2.4, and they have a higher percentage of shared meals than any other generation. So, we created something completely shareable. Not only on social media, but quite literally as you can pull this blizzard apart!

(and yes, we tested multiple package designs

that are realistic for the manufacturers) 

Fun fact: all production was done in a very tiny closet, but our creativity was defintely not limited!

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