Ocena spray logo.png

NSAC Competition

Placed 3rd in Nationals

Role: Art Director, Planbook Design


Beyond the Bog: A Cranspiracy

Challenge: Ocean Spray® challenged my NSAC team to craft a fully integrated marketing and retail campaign for its next operating year. We were tasked with driving brand relevance with a primary question in mind: Does the cooperative business model mean anything to the 24- to 34-year-old millennial?

Welp, our team found out that our target’s values powerfully align with what a co-op stands for. Buuuut, we also found that an overwhelming majority don’t know that Ocean Spray is a co-op. They literally don’t even understand what a co-op is. 

Our research made it clear that we have the opportunity to educate consumers on how Ocean Spray operates, as long as we don’t bore them. Que, Beyond the Bog: A Cranspiracy.

Very fun fact! Ocean Spray took some inspo from our campaign which was reflected in their recent Pink Cranberry Juice Cocktail campaign. That is pretty rad.